Pregnancy Weight Gain is a Medical Issue

The weight a woman gains in pregnancy, the amount she retains or gains between pregnancies, and the weight she begins a pregnancy all has significant amount of impact on health. Many women focus on getting their baby weight off and want to know how fast it will come off. It's nine months to gain the weight you need for your baby, the placenta, your reserve, and whatever bits of extra we accumulate. And the baby comes, and a bit of thought about the waist line begins again. How can you know how fast that weight comes off? Like other times you have taken a few pounds off, it's hard and easy. But rule of thumb is that the hormonal changes seem to mostly resolve by six weeks and by 12 weeks they have completely resolved. The weight will come off in those few weeks for many, but as many as 9 to 12 months for some. Now we also know that the amount of weight retained, and the weight you begin the next pregnancy is critically important. Women who begin the second pregnancy with a larger BMI have an increased risk of stillbirth as presented in a Lancet study today. The risks could be related to many factors including nutrition to the baby, as well as increased risks of obesity including diabetes and hypertension.


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