Pain Syndromes and Melatonin Production Are Affected By Our Hormones

Melatonin, is fairly familiar to all of us. We know it as the biological clock hormone out of the pineal gland, and we know it as the hormone that anticipates darkness. We generally use melatonin for better sleep and now it's been thought to improve sex. We know that the amount of light we are exposed to can affect the melatonin secretion and how we sleep. Skin is one of the sources of melatonin production. We have thus been trying to understand the link between pain syndromes and melatonin productionThis production by the skin of melatonin is regulated in part by estrogen. When estrogen levesl are low, the melatonin concentrations are at their highest. And it's been reported that hormonal birth control keeps our hormones low enough they cause melatonin production to stay high. So that disrupted hormones and disrupted sleep are tied together in more ways than one. We also know that sleep deprivation also amplifies pain through increase in total body inflammation. So any pain disorder is made worse by lack of sleep which is why some people think of melatonin as a pain treatment, and indirectly it is. Besides being a neurogenic agent melatonin is an antioxidant. It's now shown to decrease endometriosis (in rats) which can cause painful sex. Turkish investigators have been studying the condition of endometriosis in rats. Apparently melatonin treatments helped resolve the endometriosis in research rates. Research has not been confirmed in women, and we're not sure what the dose would be. Will watch the research with interest,  but incase you aren't convinced by the research on melatonin alone, for sleep try: melatonin (5 mg), zinc (11.25 mg), and magnesium (225 mg).


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