New Years Health Resolutions That Are Easy and Universal

Hard to make actionable health resolutions that are specific and effective, but here is a short list:
1. Discard all outdated medications, even creams and over the counter products.
2. Measure your height, it affects your accurate BMI
3. At your next doc appointment, test your urine for protein, we eat a lot, and spilling it into urine is a definite sign you should manage your diet differently.
4.Keep an accurate log of your water intake, you probably aren't consuming what you think. 
5. Try a short fast, even 24 hours is enough to jump start a change in consumption. 
6. Double your amount of stretching after workouts, stretching prevents injuries which can slow your workouts.
7. Try some new brain teasers, pretty much anything newly learned can improve your mind.
8. Learn slow breathing, if the phrase this too will pass has crossed your mind, it will come in handy.


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