How Laser Vaginal Therapy Works Differently than Estrogen Vaginal Therapy

Estrogen treatment works by estrogen unlocking it's own activity in a cell. It works to fit into what is called an estrogen receptor, and it only works by binding to an estrogen receptor. And as hormone levels drop, so to do the receptors for that same hormone. Thus, for estrogen to work on vaginal tissues, it needs to unlock (regrow) it's own receptors. One reason it's been known to take a long time and a stronger dosage for estrogen to work on vaginal tissues. The MonaLisa laser works on a deeper and different cellular mechanism to heal the thinned and atrophic vaginal tissues, and doesn't need to unlock just estrogen receptors. This is the basis for how  CO2 laser therapies have been successfully used to treat skin lesions such as seborheic keratosis, syringomas, xanthelasmas around the eyes, warts, tonal disease as well as to anti-age the skin. A lot is known of the regenerative properties of the tissues that are thinned an atrophic due to aging, hormonal changes, or menopause. The process involves heat shock to proteins that then bring in the fibroblast cells, the endothelial cells and the growth factors to rebuild and reform the tissue. As a result of the CO2 laser MonaLisa Therapy there is formation of new collagen, new elastin, and new blood vessels restore tissue to a healthy state. A study released in the August issue of Menopause in 2015 has been done studying the tissue of women who were scheduled to have surgery to repair of vulvo-vaginal laser therapy. They were used as their own controls and areas treated were compared to areas not treated. The women had tissue confirmation that the therapy both healed and was safe. The patients healed rapidly and restored the health of their tissues. Clinical studies have also confirmed that there is improvement in sexual function and sexual satisfaction among treated patients at 12 weeks of follow up after a treatment series.Discuss with your gyno which might be right for you.


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