MonaLisa Therapy Not Shown To Increase Yeast Infection Rates The Way Estrogen Therapy May

Image result for monalisa touch picturesEstrogen therapy for menopausal woman increases her chances of getting a yeast infection. Prior to menopause a premenopausal level of estrogen, within the levels of the normal cycle, helps to keep yeast infections away by having a healthy vaginal immune environment. Premenopausal women have a normal pH, a normal (low) level of various bacteria, a high level of Lactobacillus, as well as a healthy level of WBC cells. Among the issues that abound about vaginal yeast infection in menopause an important question remained for gynos: was it the fact that women started having sex again, or the estrogen treatment that predisposed her to more yeast infections? Now that the vaginal healing microbeam CO2 laser therapy MonaLisa Touch and Femilift have been in use for healing thin atrophic tissue an interesting phenomenon has been noted: no significant increase in yeast infections. Although we have told women that the treatment mimics what estrogen does for the tissues, subtle and important differences remain. Gynos are yet to work out all the physiological reasons, but one thing may emerge: MonaLisa Touch therapy may actually prove to be a healthier way to repair vaginal tissue, not just an alternative way. 


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