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Monday, December 28, 2015

Lower Cholesterol and Solve Constipation?

Thinking about putting that next Holiday Cookie in your mouth, well, the sugar and cards may contribute not only to your cholesterol levels, but now it has been shown that cholesterol is not only a worry for heart, but it affects other aspects of our overall health. Women do not have high cholesterol because they are constipated, but they may have happily found that they have lowered cholesterol when they have used a constipation solution! It has been shown that the use of Metamucil along with a Step 1 diet from the American Heart Association can help lower cholesterol by 4-7%. Often we think that the right diet, the right amount of exercise, and the right amount of water will cure any bowel habit irregularities. Extra fiber in our diet should increase the frequency of stools, and give you improved symptoms of constipation.Many of us will go thorough a time when exercise decreases, stress and sweating increase water loss, an illness, or medication can change the frequency of bowel movements and lead to some constipation. The fiber addition in Metamucil can help, through the way it works to increase the bowel movements, to pull cholesterol out of the blood stream. And long term lowering cholesterol improves all aspects of heart and vascular health. Do you have high cholesterol? When was it last measured? Perhaps it's time to check the number so that you know if this would be a good solution for you!

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