Do You Have Sexual Health? Here's What WHO Says Sexual Heath is

Do you wonder if you have sexual health. Unlike other health concerns, it's not merely the absence of problems or disease that means sexual health. The World Health Organization defines sexual health in a very comprehensive interesting way, although this is not necessary for health, it is complex to be sexually healthy. The World Health Organization, in collaboration with the World Association for Sexuality actually defined sexual health  began looking at sexuality together since 1975. And the WHO issued a definition of sexual health as “a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.” The statement goes on to say, “Sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination, and violence. For sexual health to be attained and maintained, the sexual rights of all persons must be respected, protected, and fulfilled.” To what extent the female libido and orgasm factors into the sensations of emotional, mental and social well-being is argued more than ever now that we have a pill that enhances female libido, Addyi (flibanserin). This medication is not for women who suffer libido issues when they are ill, depressed, in a poor relationship, or suffering from a medication side effect. Addyi is for women prior to menopause, it has warnings regarding alcohol use and it needs to be taken daily at night to minimize the risks of fainting or light headedness.


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