Bacteria In the Home Also Hormonal?

The bacteria (and of course viruses) we live with reflect our gender as well as whether we have pets, clean, or the climate we live in according to a new Scientific American article. A microbiological detective in the right lab with just a bit of the dust from your house can determine whether males, lots of testosterone, or women, lots of estrogen have been living in your home. A predominantly male house has more bacteria than a predominantly female home. Once bacteria is in the house it can get in the air and along with mold, viruses, fungi, and dust mites produce the air born havoc known as bioaerosols that cause allergies. As for women, their normal bacterial environment...both home and body, can be affected by their menstrual cycles as well. None of this new research tells us exactly what bacterial environment is best, but gynos do say that balance in all things is the healthiest way to live. So get on in to gab about it!


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