The Best Way to Love Your Skin When You Tan Without Sun Screen

When you want to love your skin, but you also love your tan. You are thinking "sun screen save my skin" or "just lather up the baby oil" one last tan can't hurt, right? Well, bottom line, sun screen will protect your skin from sun damage, however, the saving factor can be using antioxidants within the skin to prevent the damage sun is trying to do to your skin. Your skin story should start like this: 1. Do you have healthy skin, for that you need to have a discussion with a health care provider who understands your body and your skin, 2. Can you persevere the health you have in your skin, for that you need MORE sun defense, not just protection, 3. Can you reverse the damage and reduce your changes of skin cancer, again, back to the professional to discuss and to really understand how to not age your skin or in fact reverse again, or dechronify your skin. The FDA has approved 17 agents for use in sunscreens that will provide SPF. Some are organic or the chemical sunscreens which absorb the UV before it strikes and others are the inorganic literally forming a physical barrier that also works by being strongly reflective. And lots of products have a bit of both. Anti oxidants that you can use when tanning, whether you use sun screen or not, can come in many different formulations,. Call Hada Cosmetic Medicine to get a consultation, and get the therapies that are adaptable to your personal lifestyle.


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