Smoking and Urinary Leakage

Smoking can damage the pelvic floor. Quitting can improve this, and pelvic floor therapy can repair damage. We recommend smokers who are noticing weak pelvic floor or bladders consider the non-invasive treatment of MonaLisa Touch to repair the vaginal tissue damage that smoking has caused. Another gyno lecture about stopping to smoke, and yes, even cutting back will improve your bladder. But as smoking can cause urinary leakage it's time to let your gyno help you stop smoking. Oddly we even see decreased smoking when we put you on a diet with Contrave, so selecting the right medications for the job can have many favorable effects as well as the favorable effects we intended. First determine the cause of the bladder problems leading to pad usage, and we can help you do that. But bottom line, if you didn't realize why you are having increasing problem with over active bladder, urge incontinence or mixed incontinence disorders, well for those of you who still smoke are all linked to smoking. Of course smokers have more frequent and more forceful coughs too, so the challenge to the bladder integrity is there constantly. Tobacco side products and nicotine lower estrogen, which may also have the long term consequences of weakening your pelvic floor. If you have low estrogen your tissues may have weakened and this is what the procedure MonaLisa Touch is designed to do. So eCigs probably won't help you solve this problem, less nicotine over all improves your bladder, you really should quit! There probably is also a direct link with nicotine and contractions of the bladder wall called detrusor contractions. Studies also reveal that more urinary retention occurs in smokers, and it can be a source of infections and lower abdominal discomfort.   Cystometrics, or some call it urodynamics at can help you make a diagnosis. And some of these changes may be reversed if you decrease or quit. On the other hand, damage to the actual muscles leading to pelvic floor anatomy problems, could be permanent. Yet there are so many solutions to not have to have a surgery or chronic therapy, one is to get the urgent PC overactive bladder treatment first.
If you can't stop, at least get your daughters to learn the dangers of smoking! Wet pants, ok if you just popped out of the pool, otherwise, not good for us!


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