Historical Gynecological Research With Chimps: Endometriosis, Preeclampsia and Prevention of Hepatitis B

The NIH is retiring chimpanzees and will no longer use them in medical research. So it seems fitting to look back at the many historical breakthrough our brethren primates have given us. Hepatitis B and the devastating consequences of that disease for moms and babies has a vaccine because of a pivotal chimp research in Liberia. 
Since very few species menstruate, very few species get endometriosis or are able to be studied for a cure for endometriosis.Non-human primates and humans are therefore are the only species to be studied if we want to cure endometriosis. The great apes and chimps have also brought us invaluable clues to the invasive placental behavior that causes preeclampsia. We have been analyzing great ape and chimpanzees for genetic clues that may finally solve the puzzle of a cure for preeclampsia. Chimpanzees also appear in the list of classic twin research studies, and a summary can be found on the National Center for Biotechnology Information. These are a few of the more dramatic studies that have helped women. Some researchers want to keep some chimp research going, and hope to provide a happy, healthy collaborative relationship like at Chimp Haven.


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