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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Moms Feed the Babies and The Babies Gift Back Cells To Mom

The role of the placenta is highly complex, and the wonders it works have just begun to be explored. While it is the obvious source of nutrients to the developing fetus, it acts like a conduit spreading fetal cells through the body into mom. It's the source of many health benefits, and perhaps some maternal challenges going forward. An article in in Science Daily explained the origin of the complex term, microchimerism, for the presence of fetal cells in a mom; and would technically cover maternal cells that, through placental passage, come to lodge in the child. We have always know we are more like our mothers than our fathers because the egg contains maternal material that we retain in most all the cells (and probably passed from prehistoric times). In fact these fetal cells can live anywhere in the body including the brain as pointed out in a Scientific American article. And though a pregnancy can take a toll on a mom, the fetal cells the baby infuses into her protect her in subtle ways late into life.Interesting to think about pregnancies that may not have gone to term, but have still left these cellular footprints.

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