Breast Lump that Has Grown? Think About Estrogen Exposure

Breast lumps that are non-cancerous typically are stimulated by the hormone estrogen. Cancerous lumps may be as well, but are much less frequently found than the non-cancerous lumps. The picture in this post shows a non-cancerous lump. For women with a breast lump that has been stable and suddenly started to grow, the question is, are you getting hormone exposure that you didn't realize? Hormonal stimulation can come from taking hormonal medications or from pregnancy, or from consuming estrogen in foods. Fortunately cancer in women who are pregnant is not common, and less than 1/1000 pregnant women are ever diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy. Plant estrogen or estrogen found in meats from hormone treated animals are both possible sources of the extra estrogen. Overall women who are diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy do not have higher death rates. For women diagnosed during breast feeding, their death rate actually is approximately doubled, but some think this is due to delay in diagnosis due to the lumps not being as obvious in a lactating breast.


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