Are Girls Right Brained? Really?

Being right brained has lots of implications, the research is not really certain about what it means, but it has lots of implications. We have studied why you chew on one side or the other, why you are right or left handed, and how you respond to light, words and sound with respect to whether you are right brained or left brained. But as for thought processing, we all have some similarities and some notable differences in how we form knowledge and are able to then process that knowledge. And the research on this aspect of brain function, as with most neurological research is not conclusive. In the popular press being 'right brained' means that your thought processes are very creative, imaginative, and that makes your behavior more emotional, more nonverbal and global, and less likely to be analytical and logical. And the old 'girls are more artistic' and 'guys are more mathematical' comes from this idea that girls are more right brained and guys more dominated by the left brain. But we have large and small networks of nerve signals in our brain that allow us to process, and researchers can graph these out to determine which networks work on which thought problems. So one day we can really ask them about the 51% and if she's more creative than the 49% or not!


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