Simple Way To Reduce Risk of Weight Gain, Breast Cancer, Parkinson's and Now Anxiety and Depression

All our thoughts and all of our physiological functions are run by having proper nutrition and the means to process and use the foods we give ourselves. As we age those thoughts and physiologic functions age as well, and we have to continually fight off an onslaught of challenges from cancers to changes in how we are able to extract and transport nutrition. But from the get go some foods we are not as humans genetically processed to get nutrition from, and some foods don't have much to offer. But we have tools in our body to help us maximize our chance of successfully fighting the challenges of weight gain, breast cancer, Parkinson's, and now even Anxiety and Depression. Of course this new study was in mice, and they were newborns. So we have a long time to go before we can really use this information to diagnose, treat, or cure these conditions. But it may be forging a whole new way to do the 'gut check.'


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