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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How Heart Healthy Are You? Tally Your Score

In a new report that was just released from the Framingham Heart Study, Americans are often five or more years older in heart risk than their true age. They use blood pressure, treatment of hypertension, presence of diabetes, smoking, and BMI to calculate a theoretical heart age, and you can see what your heart age is. 
These factors are definitely powerful and actually take into account your cholesterol levels, and exercise as both will effect all of the factors they do use in their heart age calculator. However, other mitigating and adverse factors such as genetic propensity to clotting, hormonal factors, history of pregnancy, weight distribution, depression, and stress may affect these numbers significantly and are not taken into consideration. Once these numbers are calculated, you can receive therapies that potentially reverses the heart aging. If you need a recent BMI or blood pressure reading, come by Women's Health Practice and we can monitor patients easily!
If your Framingham Heart Study risk score is not where you would want it, then come in to gab about it, the fixes may be simpler than you think!

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