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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Female Evolution

We all have some theories about why a woman menstruates: tell a mate she's healthy and fertile? Remind her that she is still fertile (if she wants to be). A cycle of hormones that contribute to our thoughts, emotions, and complexity of character,  Or perhaps you have other theories as to why women have menstrual cycles. Evolutionary biologists say that it was female evolution that created women capable of menstrual cycles. We bear live young, like other viviparous animals, but not all viviparous animals have menses. The basic function of menstrual cycles in human evolution is to prepare a healthy environment for which an embryo can implant. Most of the uterine preparation actually goes on post fertilization, at which time the young human embryo floats in the fallopian tube, and then in the uterine cavity before being able to implant. Hormonal signals of the presence or absence of a conception signals the uterus to continue lining development and be welcoming to an implanting egg, or to simply shed and restart the cycle. Might want to consider what else evolution will bring to femininity.

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