Baby Birth Checklist: Transition From the Uterus To Life With Us

The first few critical steps in a baby's new life have been well discussed:
  • Fetal life lungs have fluid, Life with us they must clear the lungs of this fluid and the lungs have to expand to accommodate that fluid
  • In fetal life lungs do not supply oxygen to the baby, the placenta and umbilical blood do, thus the circulation has to shift, the passages for blood to skip the lungs have to be closed and rerouted so the baby can get oxygen from the lung to the heart
Then the next couple of steps in converting from being a fetus to living with us, they no longer have the uterine environment for food and warmth:
  •  Babies have to be kept warm, and now dry as they now live on land instead of water
  • And the food function of mom and placenta has to be replaced with breast milk
And now the newest step in converting to life on earth
researchers are intensely watching is the newborn gut as it has an environment that is differnt from the adult one:
  • The  transition to a full set of gut bacteria and VIRUSES, and not all the viruses are there for the human species, some of the viruses just infect the gut bacteria, creating an entire life realm we have just begun to understand!


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