'Morning After' Was Extended to "Mornings After"

For women who have inadequate protection for contraception, they should remember that emergency contraception is available, and effective up to 5 days after your unprotected episode of intercourse. The newest guidelines remind women that ulipristal acetate is both more effective and continues to be effective for up to 5 days after the last episode of intercourse. Copper IUD devices are actually the most effective method of morning after contraception. Pregnancy testing, and examinations for pregnancy do not have to be done before using a method of emergency contraception if used within the guidelines discussed. Although effectiveness is up to 5 "mornings" after, the sooner you take your medication the more likely it is thought to be successful. There are very few medical contraindications to these morning after medications, but as with all medical care, it is ideal to discuss with your own provider to make sure you don't have any special considerations before using medication.


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