Although Numbing Pain Works For Painful Sex, MonaLisa Touch Therapy Can Heal the Cause of the Pain

Painful sex in breast cancer patients is due to the effects of severe lack of estrogen that causes significant vaginal aging and thinning. In many breast cancer patients the effects of low estrogen at the time of menopause compounds the low estrogen effect. If the area is not treated sex becomes impossible. At Women’s Health Practice weadvocate therapy in breast cancer patients to regenerate the lining without havingto use hormones. In the treatments such as with MonaLisa Touch, a non-invasive therapy that treats the source of pain and heals the tissues. In a new study it was discovered that topical liquid lidocaine gel with the use of a lubricant can treat pain with an episode of sex in about 95% of the patients who participated. The study was led by Martha F. Goetsch, MD, MPH, from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, note. Her study results were presented in 2014 at the annual meetings of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the North American Menopause Society, as reported by Medscape Medical News. And now their conclusions results were published online July 27 2015 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. In their study the vaginal cells did not change, the actual tissue atrophy, and the vaginal pH did not change. MonaLisa Touch therapy actually can improve all these parameters with the fractional laser therapy. The lidocaine numbing can treat the pain of penetration sex and the pain of the friction and potential tearing of tissues during sex. The researchers and patients felt this was important as this is something that can be used to prevent pain in episodes of intercourse before other therapies have had a chance to work, or in patients considering other therapies. The research on the lidocaine treatment is considered even more effective if it is combined with estrogen treatment. And in fact it would be a potential benefit in combination with the MonaLisa Touch Therapy as well.


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