Strenous Physical Activity Is Good For You and Not Bad For the Bladder

In a study printed in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology July 2015 edition researchers from the University of Utah School of Medicine looked at the amount of life time of physical activity and whether activity labeled strenuous would affect a woman's chance of have stress urinary incontinence, or leaking urine with provoked activity. There was mostly no affect on the level of physical activity and whether a middle-aged woman would have stress incontinence. In teen years very strenuous physical activity may affect in a small way lifetime risk of incontinence, but the data has not been confirmed in that group. Things we do know that have been proven to affect the rate of stress incontinence include your genetics, birthing, smoking, obesity, straining with bowel movements, hormone levels, and poor nutrition. Another reason to normalize your BMI and get healthy! Often pelvic floor conditions such as the dropped bladder or other disorders will precede the SUI, and that has to be diagnosed by a physician.


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