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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Treat the Inciting Cause and the Sex Drive May Come Back

Low libido is termed medical HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) if it is distressing to you. and there are a lot of reasons for low libido. Libido is not necessarily consistent, and to have HSDD these feelings have to be persistent. Physicians make the diagnosis of HSDD in a number of ways, and one is to use the FSFI score.
 Medications, transient illnesses such as viral illnesses, and social stresses can affect today's sex drive, and don't necessarily amount to HSDD, nor need treatment. Female sexual dysfunction is complicated and various disorders will overlap. One of the most common problems is painful intercourse from low estrogen, and after enough sexual encounters with pain, eventual one's desire to have sex wanes as well. Often treating pain of intercourse, or lack of orgasms is the first step to getting your desire back.This is one reason the MonaLisa Touch therapy is gaining such popularity. Regardless as to what you and your gyno decide to do amount your issues, these are the main reasons to see the doctor with libido changes:
1. Pain with intercourse
2. Bleeding with intercourse
3. Sex aversion
4. Changes or decrease in orgasms
5. Complete absence of libido over a couple of months of time
6. If a chronic medication use is going to interfere with sexuality so that you can come up with a plan

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