ACA Saves in Out of Pocket Health Costs and Reduced Unwanted Pregnancies , But Even Greater Savings in Non-Contraceptive Benefits

Women have benefited from the ACA in many ways, and less out of pocket dollars and planning their pregnancies is an important way they have benefited from getting their contraception covered. However, the patients, their insurers, their workplaces, and society has benefited even more from the important non-contraceptive benefits that come from contraceptive use. Just to name of few that are directly a benefit from the oral contraceptive pills:

1. Control of heavy uterine bleeding and menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea)
2. Prevention of ovarian cysts, and preventions of surgeries for these cysts
3. Lower Rates of  (endometrial cancer)
4. Lower rates of ovarian cancer
5. Less Ovarian cancer
6. Less colon cancer
7.  Less pelvic inflammatory disease
8. Healthier, planned pregnancies
9.  Less Anemia
10 .Fewer fibrocystic breast changes
11. Healthier bones
12. Less PMS
13. Less Endometriosis
14. Less infertility


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