New STD Testing Recommendations From the CDC

The CDC just updated guidelines on STD testing. Gynos are the ideal provider to help sit you down and discuss STD's and to help you plan testing, retesting, and treatment. In some cases we treat women who are known to have had a high risk exposure. In other cases we recommend preventions, such as vaccines, condoms, and spermicide. Your age, your overall health, and specifically your vaginal health could put you at risk for contracting STDs, and at risk for worse complications from an STD that you do contract. The guidelines were very detailed and contain many recommendations covering situations of those who have the most risk, usually stemming from the women who have sex with multiple partners or many lifetime partners. One caveat about the new STD guidelines, they specifically address pap smear testing that may not go along with the plan your gyno has for you specifically. Risk assessment discussions are also a reason to continue annual visits with your gyno.


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