How to Treat BV Infections

Vaginitis, meaning vaginal infection, is very commonly used as a diagnostic term for many different symptoms and vaginal conditions. In fact, of episodes labeled vaginitis,by patients who are not post menopause, a significant percent are actually due to bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) infections can be treated with either oral or vaginal metronidazole, oral or vaginal clindamycin, or oral tinidazole. All are only available by prescription. However, ultimately the cure is establishing the normal healthy vaginal environment. A healthy environment is really due to normal pH and normal numbers of the good bacteria. Various ways of restoring the pH are possible without antibiotic use. Both the use of Osphena and estrogen might be able to restore pH in menopausal women. However in both premenopausal wen and menopausal women the MonaLisa Touch treatment can do this without medications at all. 


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