Why Faster is Not Better

meadow rue
No one has patience when it comes to weight loss. Pounds seem to come on rapidly, and once we get in the mindset to get on with serious weight loss we all can fall prey to wanting it to occur quickly. But faster is not always better when it comes to the exact pace of weight loss.The best diets are enhanced in their weight loss by exercise. So get off the couch: you are only burning one calorie per minute, and do something energetic! Some calorie burn your fit bit isn't necessarily tracking: sex, that burns about 5 calories a minute. Exercising off the weight is a healthier way to do it, exercisers with a modest diet are not as likely to get into ketosis. Dieters who get into ketosis, which is the end metabolic consequence of too low a calorie count and too low a carb consumption put themselves at risk of harm. Long term they may find trouble with high blood lipids, and impaired immunity due to their white cells called neutrophils to not function, vision problems due to the optic nerve degenerating, osteoporosis, long term protein deficiency, fatigue and alterations in cognitive function. Before dieting this summer, think in terms of normalizing your nutrients, doing it with exercise so you maintain your bones, muscle, and energy. If portion control is your issue, look up guides to portion control. Here is a good one.  If you need to spot reduce, all indications are that losing fat, no matter where or how, is the key...while maintaining lean body mass. For how Coolsculpting might work with your diet, consult your primary health care provider for weight loss and consult Coolsculpting aestheticism to see if this non-invasive weight reduction technique can be beneficial for you.


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