Fixing Labial Fusion

When estrogen gets low and untreated labial fusion can occur, often estrogen therapy alone is not enough to fix this condition

Vulvovaginal atrophy is a condition whereby the tissue of the vaginal walls and the vulva thin. Hormonal changes can also make the underlying support structures weaken. The most severe cases of low estrogen due can make the tissues so thin and raw that the delicate tissue of the two sides of the labia begin to adhere. Ultimately this can cause a condition of scaring on the outside of the vulva that effectively seals the vaginal opening. This would prohibit intercourse and in severe cases even urination can be affected.

After therapy the anatomy can be restored, although often it will take several treatments, and ongoing therapy to prevent relapses
Traditional therapy has been estrogen treatment, but surgery can correct the severe form of labial fusion to restore normal anatomy. In this case the fusion was interfering with urination so the patient had chronic vaginal infections. There is evidence that proper vaginal therapy, and restoration of normal vulvar and vaginal mucosa can prevent the anatomic changes seen in this patient below from ever occurring.


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