Causes of Obesity Turns To the Fetus, Reduction of Fat Cells Still Part of the Solution

If we could understand obesity, we may be able to cure it. The causes are complex Maybe the fault is not in our stars, but in our "starts" as a new article about obesity due to fetal diet implies. 
The obese in the world outnumber the hungry in the world. In 2006 the International Congress on Obesity found there were 1 billion obese individual in the world and 'only 600 million' hungry in the world. The numbers now are closer to 2.1 billion obese and 800 million hungry. With the current thinking that in 'large part' we get fat, merely because we can, food is abundant. Tackling the problem, regardless of the causes, according to the Institute of Medicine, the solution will be multifactorial. Under normal physiological situations we have all of our fat cells and enlargement of these existing adipocytes is the cause of fat weight gain. But under conditions of severe obesity, you have probably generated new fact cells. Those fat cells manage to generate hormones that tell our brain what size they are and generally thinness has only been able to be achieved through making these cells small. Now we can use CoolSculpting to actually reduce the population of fat cells, which will make us thinner in the treatment areas, but also help to induce thinness by reducing fat hormonal triggers to some extent.


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