Listeria Recall and Pregnancy

We are getting phone calls regarding the hummus recall and the risk of listeria in pregnancy. The CDC also has found this in ice cream. It is best if you can check the product number you consumed and make a note of the date you consumed the food. Pregnancy itself is a time when a woman's immune system may not be as good. The risk of Listeria monocytogenes listeria is 13 times greater in pregnancy than when a woman is not pregnant. In general the basic recommendation in pregnancy to avoid listeria include avoiding luncheon and deli meats and hot dogs unless heated, make sure all fish have been cooked, avoid pate and uncooked meat spreads, and are told to avoid unpasteurized dairy products that are more likely to have listeria bacteria. Since acquiring the bacteria does not require treatment unless symptomatic we are just urging pregnant patients to be vigilant about their symptoms, and to not be tested or treated unless you are having a fever, fatigue, or body aches. We also want to know about any GI symptoms such as diarrhea. More advanced disease could be signaled by headaches, neck soreness, balance issues, or other generalized symptoms. We are asking people to watch their symptoms for at least 2 months and report them to us.


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