Essure Coils Under More Sc

The FDA is bringing the Essure sterilization procedure under more scrutiny. Women have reported a variety of complications from Essure devices, including dislodged devices, organ perforation, and pelvic pain. Various groups have been tracking the symptoms women have reported from the device for awhile. Previously there was another device, the Adiana, that was also a transcervical sterilization method that was removed from the market. It's failure rate was greater than the Essure device. Women should remember the DMPA and IUDs when properly used have success rates of contraception that are not markedly different from sterilization and they are reversible, making these excellent contraception choices. If you currently have an Essure it may be worth discussing any symptoms you are having so that the placement of your coils can be ascertained and any potential side effects reported to the FDA.


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