Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Major Risk Factors
Aging, although most are diagnosed around menopause
Personal history of breast cancer
Close family history of cancer
Genetic mutations known to cause breast cancer 

Minor Risk Factors
Early age of first menstrual period (before age 12)
Late age of menopause after age 55
Hormone therapy with progesterone for greater than 5 years
Having no children or having first child after the age of 30
Previous benign breast biopsy (within 3 months)
Lack of exercise, meaning under 4 hours a week 
Alcohol consumption, over 2 drinks per day
Obesity after menopause, especially over 44 pounds of weight gain
Hormone imbalance like PCOS
Endometrial cancer and colon cancer
Ovarian cancer
High blood pressure
Low Vitamin D levels
Diet Low in fruit and vegetables


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