We Think You May Have Forgotten something

A new report has been released by the CDC that highlights a new disastrous trend in the US: women are not getting their routine pap smears.  Over 10% of women with insurance and about 24% of women without insurance did not get a pap smear in the past 5 years. It is common for women to tell their provider "oh, it's really been that long". Guidelines for pap testing have changed, but one thing is sure, cervical cancer screening for pap tests is very accurate and successful and screened women do not have to die from cervical cancer. HPV vaccination protects many individuals, but not all cervical cancers have been associated with positive HPV tests. The CDC tracks many screening tests and the current data released is from the 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey. Although screening decreased the death rates has remained stable and relatively low. But should this trend of women not getting regular testing continue the death rate will climb. Not only do women need to do better on screening, women with abnormal results are not always getting the follow up testing that can rule an actual invasive condition is present or not. The media has been replete with examples of why women can avoid ongoing care, but we urge women to stay in close contact with your gyno. There is so much to discuss each year and not enough time to cover every topic thoroughly every year, and you and your gyno need to get to know each other and how you want to approach your care. She can also keep you notified of new health care trends and whether there are new tests, treatments or strategies that may be an option for you. So check your health calendars, make sure your current email, phone number, address and contact information is in your medical record so that we can help you remember what you may have forgotten.


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