New Test For Those With Recurrent Miscarriage

With the advent of early pregnancy tests we now have found many women who have had repeat or recurrent miscarriages. Your gyno will check may aspects of your health to help you avoid repeat miscarriages, including treating uterine or cervical infections, giving hormonal therapies for those with lower placental progesterone production, correcting nutritional problems like diabetes, as well as searching for abnormalities of the uterus itself that can cause miscarriages. And if those don't reveal the problem, looking for abnormalities in the sperm can reveal the cause of the miscarriage. But now there is another test that is specifically for those who have had more than one miscarriage: looking for chromosome reasons in mom, dad, and the fetal tissue. The test is called Anora, miscarriage test, and it is done of the products of conception, which means placental tissue for most. If you have miscarried at home, saving the tissue in a clean jar and bringing it to your gyno can be sufficient to perform the test. Those having a D and C treatment for a miscarriage can have the tissue from the surgical procedure sent for evaluation. The chromosome tests are then compared to chromosomal tests of both mom and dad and a couple then has facts from which to make some decisions regarding future pregnancies.


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