Weekend Warriors:'PRICE' Is Not What You Pay But Simple Tips To Deal With Injuries

Winter in the north means slush and ice and occasional slips do happen. The primary components of self care for any injury: PRICE:
1. P for protect the injured area, do not let it get re injured.
2. R for rest the area, at least reasonable rest, and not to over do the muscles of the area
3. I for ice, heat does help soothe, but ice reduces swelling
4. C for compress the area with a bandage: if swelling has begun this is less effective, but compression both feels well and helps swelling
5. Elevation, this particularly works for legs as dangling them can make the swelling much worse.

And if you are pregnant, please get your birthing provider check the baby to make sure there has been no injury. But in most cases of simple slips and falls, the baby's natural water environment is highly protective. 


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