Don't Just Sit There, Don't Just Stand There, Don't Just Lie There

In the theme song of Orange is the New Black they say 'standing still is hard,' and it is, on your pelvis . Too much sitting, standing or lying in one place can have medical consequences on the pelvis which will affect your sex life, your bladder and your bowel habits. Pelvic floor weakness is not just from too much lying around and not strengthening your abdominal and back muscles, but it's from the damage we do with every day straining we don't even think about. For instance, the habit of reading on the toilet? That's too much sitting, and can contribute to too much straining and pelvic floor weakness. You are to get up and walk around a bit, and when you get the urge to finish, return at your leisure! Too much standing, especially locking your knees, that can contribute to fainting. So if moving around will not solve the problems of the pelvic floor, other solutions are possible. We begin with a pelvic floor evaluation and then some suggestions.


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