Contraception News: The Best and the Newest

Long acting contraceptive (LARC) methods are staying in the news, and both the best and now, the e newest, contraception available for women. The CDC states that Nexplanon contraceptive is the best contraceptive with the fewest failures. The Newest contraceptive is an IUD which was approved yesterday  by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The new IUD is called Liletta, it is a levonorgestrel-releasing IUD (as are Mirena and Skyla). The approval was based on the data in the largest hormonal IUD trial, ACCESS IUS, conducted in the U.S. with 1,751 enrolled women receiving the device. It, like Skyla is a 3 year device, Mirena IUD is approved for 5 years of use in the US and 7 in Europe. There are no restrictions based on body weight. Although Liletta IUD is already approved, it is not available in the US quite yet, and may take a couple months to get to your gyno. There is a new organization that offers support services for contraception. women may find helpful. We suggest seeing your gyno for a reproductive life plan, and deciding what method is best for you to use during your plan!


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