What You Want To Know About The Medical Use of Sex Toys

Image result for lelo vibratorsSex is definitely healthy and now and then it needs to be spiced up. So after you watch the 50 shades premier, and are thinking new sex moves, maybe you want to know your gyno's opinion on the medical considerations before you pick your passion. Sex toys are definitely one way to spice up your sex life, and sex toy stories.seem to be abounding. No need to wonder where to get them, as you can buy them at tea parties, in your spa catalogs, at your gyno's office or local pharmacy, women are enjoying options for sexuality that they never had before! Sex toys are often recommended by gynos. They can be very successful dilators, they can bridge gaps between partners or when your partner is on a trip, they can help with Kegel's exercise, just to name a few obvious benefits. Vaginal dilators are prescribed by gynecologists for chronic infections and vaginal pain with intercourse, for women with bladder pain conditions, for women with lichen sclerosus and for women with vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis, or vaginitis. For the most part, there are specific medically sized dilators that are used, but in fact you can get some double duty from your sex toys. But being safe, and making sure that you get sexual and vaginal concerns properly evaluated is very important. Like other industries sex toys come with better labeling than they've had in the past, so do pay attention to the labels. Not using them if you have acute pain, infections, or undiagnosed bleeding are the main warnings. Other things to consider: 1. Your age, 2. Your estrogen levels, 3. the presence or absence of orgasms, 4.Cleanliness, all the way around (clean hands, clean toys), 5. Chemical sensitivities, if you are using harsh chemicals as cleaning aids you may develop sensitivities, 6. Shaving or creams for removing hair. Age matters you ask, yes, if you are post menopausal, very dry and have not had sex for a long time, get an appointment first to be checked for what is called atrophic vaginitis. Treatment of atrophy is often relatively quick and very successful. The treatments will increase the nerve endings of the vagina, increase the pliability of the vaginal walls, and increase secretions that help the process of using a toy work. Estrogen levels vary for all sorts of reasons and if your estrogen level is chronically low (like someone one DepoProvera for instance, you may have more difficulty with sex and sex toy use. Vaginal bacterial, but this means you need the good bacteria as well as no presence of bad bacteria, so if you are having difficulties using a sex toy, it's a reason your gyno may have to check you for infections. And make sure the toys are clean each time, and after each use, any surface with crevices has to be dried properly before storage or excess bacteria may accumulate. Proper attention to shaving techniques will also minimize bacteria around the vaginal area and will help minimize the chance of breakouts in the hair follicles where you have shaved, and then sex and sex toy use will not aggravate shaving rashes.  Women have to be as much in shape for their toys as their partners! As for size, shape, and features: that's a whole wide world of options, and most are perfectly safe!Often you can even buy from your Gyno!


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