UTI Prevention Strategies You May Have Overlooked

What you can do to stop urinary tract infections
1.     The best reason to try some of these strategies is to get to the point of avoiding antibiotic use
2.     Change your contraception and your sexual behaviors, spermicide use, diaphragm use definitely increases risk for UTIs; and read labels condom use is also implicated, especially condoms with spermicide in it
3.     Be sure to drink a lot of water during the day, but then do try to urinate after you have sex
4.     ?Cranberry juice — like fashion, sometimes it’s in sometimes its not. If you want to avoid the calories of juice you can try the pills, however the sugar in this juice may actually be the reason it works. Regular consumption of cranberry juice is not considered routine any longer as many studies have been inconclusive to it’s ability to help, but all agree: not harmful
5.     Taking regular antibiotics, perhaps every time you have sex, but then it eliminates the goal of point #1
6.     Use vaginal estrogen, most effective for women in menopause, and consultation is definitely warranted before starting this, and MonaLisa Touch can accomplish the same thing, perhaps better than estrogen, without any medication cost or exposure
7.     Probiotic use, good on so many levels, at least consume in foods such as yogurt regularly, there are many available products
8.     Use of antiseptics, US used to have Urex, there is still a product called Hiprex  the ingredient is methenamine salt, again some physicians will not endorse
9.     Another over the counter product is called D-mannose. It is a sugar that may prevent bacteria from attaching to the surface of your bladder. Studies have not been particularly effective, but it is not considered harmful and many urologists are recommending


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