Pregnancy and Your Hair

Your diet, your metabolism, our hormones and whether you are pregnant will all influence hair growth. In general about 80% of our hairs are in their growing state at any given time. By the third trimester of pregnancy about 95% of hair is in the growing phase. Women who have a physiologic stress, for any reason, will shunt nutrients to other areas of the body and withhold them from the hair, and will send hair from the growing phase into the resting or even shedding phase. Therefore immediately after birth this process is set in motion and the hair will go into it's resting stage, and not it's growing stage. Some women will notice an immediate impact on their hair as there is no regrowth and there is still the normal loss going on. About three to four months after the birth, those hairs sent into the resting phase will likely begin to shed in a short period of time that can be fairly dramatic for some women. From that pregnancy fast growing rate of 95% of hairs in the growing phase, once a woman becomes a post partum mom she may now have only 50 to 60% of her hairs in the growing phase.  In general, the hair loss that is fairly routine after a pregnancy will regrow in a year. Women who do not maintain their nutrients through the post partum recovery period may not completely reverse this hair loss and some women will maintain fairly thin hair for a fairly long time. Other causes like anemia, hormonal issues, or protein deficiency can affect the hair as well and perhaps need evaluation or treatment. When breastfeeding a safe therapy could be PRP treatment which is known to be particularly effective for female hair loss.


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