Improve Mental Health Through Hormonal Balance With PCOS

In a provocative new study from Australia women with PCOS were studied compared to women without PCOS and were found to have more psychological problems. Thus hormonal balance in women with PCOS is a factor for overall wellness, not just your menstrual cycles, your weight, your hair growth and patterns of hair growth, and your skin to name a few of the other consequences.The fix for PCOS is not simple, and the more we learn, the more we know that we have to follow our PCOS patients closely, check their sugars, scan their gall bladders, check their hormone levels, discuss contraception carefully, establish if there are mood or psychological issues, and possibly help when our patients want to get pregnant, there's a lot to gab about here!The diagnosis of PCOS has been simplified and your MD can help you figure out if you have PCOS or not, you can check symptoms you are having against criteria published by the NIH.Or read about the history of the disease called PCOS in another post. 
Or read the 2013 Endocrine Society criteria for PCOS. And if you are trying to get pregnant there are special considerations during pregnancy.  


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