Herbal Solutions Are Not Easy To Come By as Products Contain False and Potentially Harmful Ingredients

Many herbal products are useful for health and wellness. But the concept of trust but verify was brought into a stark light recently with the revelation that many, if not virtually all supplements have substances that are both worthless and potentially harmful and often don't contain any active ingredient. We generally know that prescription medications are FDA approved, and that herbal formulations are not specifically approved. But with on line pharmacies, even national retailers with medical products over the counter may not be safe so it is very confusing and you have to look at a lot of information, including the prior warnings to women that herbal supplements are not all that they seem to be for awhile. The FDA publishes a book called the Orange Book. It is the current compendium of approved drugs. It is accessible on line and can be a valuable resource for personalized decision making in conjunction with your gyno.  Even products that are labeled for simple things like caffeine may not contain what you think. Bloggers love the topic of caffeine effects on our health. The effects of caffeine cannot be sorted out without looking at how you are getting the caffeine: coffee, tea, herbal drinks, or coco. The Institute of Medicine and the FDDA are looking into the levels of caffeine in drinks, especially those with the highest caffeine content. The amount of caffeine effect will always be affected by how much you normally consume, whether you are a child or an adolescent, or a senior,and whether you are pregnant. So some consultation with your health care provider is sensible, as is moderation, but she may have trouble sorting reliable data too.There is no reliable way to test if you have a good product. Consultation and planning your diet with your health care provider is important. These discrepancies may even be why so many vitamin studies have failed to find benefits. But stay tuned, there may be at some point.


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