Eyebrows Thinned In the Outer Thirds?

Queen Anne of Denmark had shortened eyebrows. We aren't sure if this was a medical condition or not, but we do know she famously championed The Masque, formalized dances with masques, so perhaps it was her condition that led to this preoccupation. One cause of eyebrows thinning at the outer thirds is low thyroid. Queen Anne may or may not have had thyroid disease, but we know this is a common cause of thinning, and it has famously been known to diagnosticians as 'Queen Anne's sign' taken from viewing her wedding portrait in 1589 when she married James I of England. If this has happened to you and your eyelashes are thinning on the outer thirds, come in for a hormone check, a consultation, and perhaps purchase Latisse.When we check the hormone levels it should be known that 95% of women have TSH of under 2.5 mIU/ml and if you are actually higher than this treatment may be considered beneficial.


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