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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Carb Should You Eat?

A carb is not a carb, is not a carb: meaning that different carbs can raise our blood sugar a lot, and some carbs don't really cause that blood sugar to soar. To research that investigators ran the OmniCarb Randomized Clinical Trial and published their results in the JAMA of December 2014. In this trial they point out that scientifically the carb effect of our individual foods is measured by the glycemic index, their example is that a banana and an apple have identical carbs, but blood sugar will generally rise a lot more after consuming a banana than an apple. But in a generally healthy, fiber and fruit and veggie filled diet, investigators wondered if this is so important we need to keep these small differences in mind when planning our meals? If it did maybe you'd do best with the DASH diet which is low in salt but a bit higher in carbs or perhaps you need to keep that salt low, but go heavier on the protein as in the OmniHeart diet? And perhaps this depends on your current weight, your current age, your current exercise regimen and just how healthy your body is to maximize nutrition extract from your food? And indeed, in the research setting, comparing these two excellent diets (not the day to day diets we all have) they couldn't really separate out the minute effects of your food choices on your glycemic index in a large trial of obese people. The dietary sugar can affect your morning blood sugar level and your morning insulin levels, but your overall fat levels, blood pressure, and in general what we call insulin sensitivity did not change with these very different diets in a 6 week trial. That is not to say longer trials wouldn't have bigger impacts, or that your own gyno couldn't help you sort this sort of thing out but it is to say, the verdict on the 'best' diet is still in the hung jury stage!

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