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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hormonal Memory, Are You Sure?

Your memory as good as it should be? Think it's also a hormonal issue? Our brain chemistry values do flop around during the menstrual cycle. Want to test your brain power? How do you do it? That is a whole science in and of itself, but gynos are given a few clues. I can tell you that obvious road blocks still hold: did you get a good night sleep before your test, did someone just text you before your test, do you care about the test? These things all being optimal for you will help you perform better. And then again, you can study for these tests! You may have trained for a specific type of memory test, for instance,  some puzzle players might do best on the “Finding As” test…you quickly cross out all the words with a as possible. There are memorization tests which test recall of short or longer lists of mundane items. There are tests that favor the visual and the artistic of us, asking that you recreated a line drawing from memory.Did you know your B12 levels and your thyroid levels will affect your memory. So can medications, watch out this flu season for cold medications, antihistamines can throw off your memory as well as your blood pressure! Hormones and your memory is also important if you have recently had your ovaries removed. According to some research you have a better memory if you begin hormones soon enough. After years into menopause though, it's hard to show that estrogens have any different effect than no treatment with estrogen as age has such a powerful influence, but it may be that hormones can affect Alzheimer's as well.

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