When These Genes Fail Ovarian Cancer is More Likely

Our bodies are finely tuned cancer fighting machines. We have many genes that encode for the ability to fight cancer. However, once the gene breaks down (either through aging, exposure to a toxin, or in some unfortunate cases by birth). For ovarian cancer, it is the p53 (now also called the TP53 gene). In over 90% of cases of ovarian cancer studied by the
Cancer Genome Atlas they have found this gene is defective.AS they have begun to study the genes further they have discovered another 9 genes that are commonly found in ovarian cancers. Now that we have identified what genes go wrong, the search for being able to hunt for those mutations in patients before they get cancers. To that end they are looking in the blood stream as well as on pap tests. Besides prevention uses, which are still just beyond the horizon, the researchers are trying to apply this gene diagnosis to treatment plans.


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