(Post) Festivities Belt Tightening

Enjoy whatever your grillmaster,  pizza wizard,  or master chef is serving up this holiday season do enjoy, but realize that there will be some catch up to that feasting: so after enjoying come on in to Women's Health Practice for a three part plan to fit in your best holiday wear by, the next holiday. We especially are going to target the weight we carry in the midline, no matter what your overall BMI and weight is.

1. Customize the Calorie count.
2. Understand the risks and benefits of weight distribution based on your own health
2. Contour Revision, that may mean diet medications or other nutritional strategies. And there are treatments such as Coolsculpting that help.
3. Normalize Your Hormones.

Lots of us use our clothes to tell us what size we want to be, and that's not a terrible way to do it. To be even more scientific you can calculate that waist to hip ratio and you should be below .80. You need to have a realistic approach to calories and the content of your diet, we can have some suggestions. First of course what is your energy expenditure: are you sitting and traveling with no time to exercise? Well, then some calories have to go. How about those who have these challenges to their contour, if your weight has made you process simple carbs poorly then you need to think about how you can change that.  Is your waist too big, how about your hips, how about the ratio of your waist to your hips? You need to know the facts, we can get those for you! Then how about your hormones? Women need balance, and we can help you figure that out! Make a personal consultation appointment and see if we can help!


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