Pleaurable Pills Reviewed in Marie Claire

Partial Imperforate hymen
The endless search for the female go to pill for libido and sexuality is not over, but it's not been very successful so far. In the herbal and supplement world many various herbals and vitamins have been associated with improvement in sexuality, including L-arginine, ginseng, ginkgo, damiana, multivitamins, and minerals. Marie Claire and a number of other media sources have published articles regarding this topic, a recent one being Pleasure in a Pill? It is definitely worth the read, and it's definitely worth a gab with your gyno if you just aren't feeling it tonight, or very often at all. Spoiler alert: the first paragraph is a date night scenario; and yes, us gynos highly recommend making time for making some sex play. Half the battle is won by showing up, to use a sports analogy! The article does a good job of reviewing SIAD (sexual interest/arousal disorder), last year's HSSD; as well as reviewing some of the treatment strategies that are under development such as flibanserin bremelanotide and what the criteria for approving a sex treatment for women might be with the FDA. But remember, there are some medical conditions that can be treated to improve sexuality, here's one example of a medical condition that is treatable and a source of sexual difficulties, and it would be a good thing to gab with your gyno about!


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