Birth Rate Dropping Controversy: Is It Contraception, Choice or The Economy?

The birth rate in the United States is tracked per 1000 women who are aged 15-44, and they have been keeping those statistics since 1909 according to a CNN report that stated the birth rate in 2012 hit a new low. In fact the birth rate has steadily fallen in the past 5 years.We know that better contraception prevents teen pregnancy, which was a wanted goal. And we know there has been a trend for older moms, and this generates much discussion about how old is too old to have a baby. And part of delaying childbirth is to get yourself ready. You want the uterus to be ready, and you want to be living a healthy lifestyle, be taking the right vitamins and be eating the right diet. Gynecologists want you to have a reproductive life plan. That plan should include how many babies you would like to have, healthy birth spacing, and a plan for contraception so that you achieve your goals and be pregnant only when you are ready to be.


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