Yes, HPV Vaccine is Working To Reduce All HPV Disease in Young Women

In a world wide study of over 17,00 young women looking at individuals ages 15-26 who received the HPV Vaccine, it has been shown that the vaccine works to reduce all HPV disease. This study was headed by researchers in Columbia, and looked at those young women who tested HPV negative at the time of receiving their vaccine. It was important that the individuals studied were negative for HPV disease as this vaccine is a prophylactic vaccine: it does not treat those exposed. They watched the patients closely for about 3 and a half to 5 years. and have proved the vaccine is 100% effective in reducing the risk of getting precancer of the cervix, the vulva, or the vagina and was highly effective in reducing the rates of warts as well. It is of critical importance to get the young men and women their vaccinations when they are young. If you have questions see your health care provider.


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