Get Your Bladder Jump Rope Ready with Kegal's and MonaLisa Touch

Jump rope for your heart and health! It is fun, and it burns a lot of calories and of course, the more energy you burn with a good work out, the  ismore you will get to feast on at holiday time! Jumping rope excellent, and fun, way to burn a lot of calories in a low amount of time . But many women will  need to get their bladder, surrounding tissues, and pelvic muscles in shape for all that bouncing.  And it won't just benefit your rope jumping to get those tissues healthy you need to exercise your pelvic floor to both improve your bladder function, and to improve sex! And it may take more than just exercise to improve the health of your bladder and pelvic floor. In the past we offered women hormones and surgery, and now there is a painless, non-invasive rejuvenating laser therapy called MonaLisa Touch that can help getting your ready for all your rope jumping! Gynos still recommend Kegel's exercises. Once you get good at your Kegel's you can use the extra muscular to bolster muscular contraction during coughing, laughing or sneezing, not just during jumping rope, and that means less pantie liners for some!  It is the same contraction you actually perform at the end of urination to stop the stream of the urine. So trying briefly to make that contraction while you are  if you are having trouble fixing on just how to do one of these exercises. A good thing to do before launching off on your Kegel's is to see your gyno to see if you are now a candidate for the pelvic floor improvement therapy MonaLisa Touch. For instance some woman actually don't have a muscular problem but thinning of the tissues of the vaginal and the bladder wall which cannot respond to Kegel's exercises alone. Using the short series of painless MonaLisa Touch CO2 vaginal rejuvenation therapy in conjunction with your Kegel's is the newest way to be able to improve your bladder health. Make sure you don't have bladder infection, and to get basic information on bladder health which may mean nutritional advice as well. The first step for all women is the Kegel's exercises themselves. Learn to tighten pelvic floor muscles, and then begin a planned exercise pattern of these muscles. So like with any work out you need some strength building, some interval training, and don't forget the warm up and the cool down!  The Kegal's contraction can be done for short or longer bursts of time: such as  a brief one or two seconds for a short contraction and then a longer contraction would require holding for 15 seconds, or 30 seconds, and then each contraction can be repeated several times, over about 5-10 minutes. Many women can do the short contractions about 30 times over the 5-10 minute period of exercise. A few tips: start with breathing, and make sure you have good abdominal muscles, weak abdominal muscles transfer stress to the pelvic floor that shouldn't have to happen. During the exercises itself, be able to breathe while you are doing your Kegel's, particularly the longer contractions. Breathing allows for a better muscular contraction, it carries away toxins, and all muscles need oxygen for their training, so too the Kegel's work is better done if you can also breathe. You can try doing your  Kegel's more creatively, with other resistance kinds of tricks, like while using elastic bands. That way you will also teach yourself to perform the Kegel's while at the gym and help yourself to stay dry with come in and see your gyno. There is also a concept of active assistive exercise, so do your Kegel's while letting gravity assist by putting a pillow under your pelvis or knee. And there is the concept of progressive resistive exercise: do your Kegel's while running or walking. There are devices both home use ones and electrical stimulator for Kegel training as well, but without the investment of money these simple tricks will work for most women. At Hada Cosmetic Medicine and at Women's Health Practice the recommendation is to be evaluated, and find out what combination of therapies will be best for you, and then get to the gym!


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